Qilan Dark Oxidation Oolong

Qilan Dark Oxidation Oolong

$ 19.00

A darkly oxidized oolong grown in the mountains of Hubei Province, China, yet produced by a Taiwanese tea master in the style of a Taiwanese high-altitude oolong. We have two versions of this same leaf so you can taste the pair side by side -- the only difference being processing. The Qilan Light is ~20% oxidized and lightly roasted while the Qilan Dark is ~90% oxidized with no roast. Otherwise the leaves are identical. We found these teas while traveling in Taiwan during the Spring of 2015, when serendipitously, we met Mr. Lin in Taipei through a friend of a friend. It became clear that his teas were fantastic! Each tea stood out from the dozens that had been tried throughout our sourcing adventure in Taiwan. We were thrilled to be able to pick up these two companion teas. Drinking them side-by-side, we love how the small differences in processing the same leaves created two distinct and amazing teas.

Tasting notes: cinnamon, dried plums, cedar

Brewing Guidelines: Gaiwan/Yixing: fill vessel 1/3 full of dry tea leaf. Use 190° spring water, rinse the leaves for 3 seconds, discard. 1st and 2ndinfusions: 20 seconds. Add 15 seconds to each additional infusion.

Teapot/mug: use 1 tablespoon of leaf per 8oz of 190° water. Rinse leaves for 3 seconds and discard. Steep for 2 minutes. Add 1 minute to each additional infusion.