About Us

Our Story:

The source of our name comes from Chinese tea ceremony also known as Gong Fu Cha. During these tea gatherings, when the tea cup is filled, the custom is use to one’s middle and forefinger together to tap twice on the tea table to show gratitude without disrupting the service. Founders, Gordie Nathan and Jody Beavers, got to know each other at tea gatherings in San Francisco, loving how tea brought people together, lightened our moods, and facilitated meaningful conversations. Our tea community also loved trying to discover delicious tea to share with each other. Out of this love of tea and trying to find the best varieties we could, we decided to start buying larger quantities to supply tea for our gatherings. Friends who joined us for tea gatherings began buying some to take with them, then friends of theirs and friends of their friends began buying our tea. A grocery store in San Francisco soon wanted to start carrying it, then a restaurant, and a couple of start-ups. Before we knew it, our little tea supply venture was turning into a small tea business. As a company, Tap Twice Tea has striven to travel to the source in order to work directly with farmers and producers to find the very best tea from the very best people we can. With our tisanes, we aim to create delicious blends that are good for you and may bring a variety of health benefits. We aid our wholesale clients in crafting tea menus that suit their specific needs, as well as helping implement tea service and brewing techniques in coffee shops, tea houses, restaurants and other establishments who want to serve loose leaf tea. We also love partnering with restaurants, breweries, distilleries, chocolate companies, museums, libraries, etc., to produce one of a kind tea events, classes, tastings, and various creative collaborations. We have an online store to provide quality loose leaf tea and tisanes for your daily tea ritual at home. And of course we continue to host regular tea gatherings at our homes, at various pop-up locations, and out in nature. In 2022, Gordie moved away from the Bay Area and stepped out of Tap Twice Tea, leaving Jody to steer the ship. We recently made the decision to move our fulfillment facility out of San Francisco to Appalachia where our co-founder Jody is from. This allows us to be more nimble as a company, still being based in San Francisco, but not tethered to a facility there. It also gives us a presence near the East Coast to open up more opportunities for collaborations and events on the eastern sea board.

Our Vision:

Jody has a love for being a part of nature, the arts, travel, and is social justice motivated and sustainability-oriented. We are working together now to shape Tap Twice Tea into a business that goes beyond providing a product and tea service but also acts as an ally for communities and causes we want to help support. As well as creating the types of connections and experiences with others we find most life-giving. Towards these ends, we are in the process of switching to compostable packaging for both retail and wholesale. Helping support causes we feel passionately about, such as partnering with local non-profits in both San Francisco and Appalachia…donating 10% of our profits to these organizations. We hope to grow our efforts in the future! Thank you for being a part of our Tap Twice Tea family. If ever we can help you with anything tea related or if you would just like to get together sometime for tea, please reach out. We love meeting new people and sharing tea and positive human connection with each other. We look forward to meeting you!

Love Jody