About Us

Two guys passionate about tea and tea ceremony formed Tap Twice Tea in February 2013. We were both drawn to tea by the community aspect as well as the amazing qualities of the leaf itself. The San Francisco tea culture has its roots in the Gong Fu Cha (a traditional style that tea is served in China and Taiwan) bringing people together from all walks of life to sit, slow down, and enjoy a healthy beverage prepared with skill, attention, and positive energy. At a typical tea gathering, conversations flourish, moods elevate, joy pervades, and souls are nourished. Out of this love for tea and community we started Tap Twice Tea; not as a typical business but as a movement or an experience. We aspire to find the very best tea available from small farms, hand-harvested and crafted by artisan tea families. Most of the farms we source from are family affairs that have been handed down generation to generation. In the midst of the rapid growth of the tea industry, and the changing over from small family-owned and operated farms to large corporate tea fields and factories we are committed to stay true to the roots and traditional values of tea.