Matcha iri Sencha
Matcha iri Sencha

Matcha iri Sencha

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First flush Sencha blended with Matcha. This tea feels like a warm blanket on a cool morning. Warming, comfortable, worries melt away. Rich and vegetal, creamy and smooth. Loaded with L-theanine, a mood-boosting amino acid. We loved this tea when we tried it in the hills of Uji, just a few kilometers from the birthplace of Japanese loose-leaf tea. After paying respects at the local shrine of Sohen Nagatani, the man who invented the Uji style of green tea processing and shared it with his peers, we appreciated this tea even more. He developed this method in 1738 at the youthful age of 58 and it is still the primary method used today!

Tasting Notes: buttered spinach, steamed sweet corn, wild mountain asparagus, squash blossom.

Brewing Guidelines
Kyusu (traditional Japanese side-handled teapot): 1 gram of leaf per 1 oz of 150° water. 1st steep 1 minute. 2nd steep 30 seconds. 3rd steep 1 minute. 4th steep 2 minutes. 

Teapot/mug: 1 tablespoon of dry leaf per 8oz of water. 160° water. 1st infusion 1½ minutes. 2nd infusion 30 seconds. 3rd infusion 1 minute.
*It is important not to agitate the leaves while they are steeping, this will cause bitterness. It is also preferable to pour the tea slowly after steeping.