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A special type of Japanese green tea that is made from shade-grown leaves called Tencha that are ground into powder on a stone mill. When drinking Matcha, the entire leaf is consumed instead of just liquid steeped from the leaf. This makes for a distinct tea experience bursting with flavor, aroma and tradition. Super vegetal, viscous and warming, traditionally enjoyed from a Matcha bowl called a Chawan as part of Chado (Japanese Tea Ceremony). Our Matcha is from Kagoshima Japan.

50g bag

Tasting notes: creamed spinach, vegetable broth, silky mouth feel, squash blossom, raw almonds

Brewing Guidelines
Tea bowl (Chawan): warm Chawan with hot water and discard. Put one teaspoon (two heaping Chashaku scoops) of matcha directly into the bottom of the Chawan. Add 3oz of 160° water. Whisk thoroughly until well blended and a good foam forms on the surface of the tea; preferably with a Chasen (bamboo whisk). Cup your left hand, set the Chawan in your palm, hold the rim of the Chawan with your right hand and drink from the side of the bowl.


Friends:  In June 2020, we switched our Matcha supplier.  While this ceremonial grade matcha isn’t quite the same quality as the one we had before, it is more approachable to the everyday drinker.