Koucha Japanese Black Tea

Koucha Japanese Black Tea

$ 16.00

The leaves from Koucha (Japanese black tea) wilt and oxidize for close to 20 hours, are rolled for a few hours, followed by two hours of reoxidation, before being dried. This is different from Japanese green teas which are normally steamed immediately after plucking (halting the oxidation process and locking in the fresh-from-the-tree taste.) Koucha is sweeter, smoother, and less astringent than most black teas. This tea genuinely surprised us with its natural sweetness, lack of bitterness, and great patience. Easy to brew, deliciously smooth, fantastic iced, no need to add milk or sugar to this incredible offering from tea farmers that have been meticulously developing their black tea processing methods over the last 10 years. Taste one of the finest black teas we’ve come across. 

Tasting notes: smooth mouthfeel, warm honey sweetness, malt, cherry wood.

Brewing Guidelines 
Small 120ml pot: fill 1/3 of the way full. 190° water. 1st infusion 15 seconds. 2nd infusion 30 seconds. Add 15 seconds to each additional infusion. 

Teapot/mug: 1 tablespoon of dry leaf per 8oz of water. 190° water. 1st infusion 3 minutes. 2nd infusion 5 minutes.