Hai Fo Shou Pu'er

Hai Fo Shou Pu'er

$ 17.00

Harvested and processed in the early 2000’s in southwest Yunnan Province near the Burmese border. This small leaf shou pu’er is great in a large teapot, thermos or Gong Fu Cha style in a small Yixing pot. Amazingly smooth, slight charred wood middle with a lingering cacao type of sweetness. Volcanic earthiness that balances out this full-flavored ripe pu’er.

Tasting notes:  Dark chocolate, crisp volcanic earth, wood char, malt.

Brewing Guidelines
Gaiwan/Yixing: fill 1/4 full with dry leaf. 190°-200° water. Rinse leaves. Steep for 15 seconds for the first 3 infusions. Add an additional 15 seconds for each additional infusion. 

Teapot/mug: 1 tablespoon of dry leaf per 8oz of water. 190∞ water. 1st and 2nd infusion steep for 3 minutes. 5 minutes for each additional infusion.