Aged 4 Cultivar Oolong

Aged 4 Cultivar Oolong

$ 20.00

One of our favorite teas that we tasted while on our tea sourcing trip in 2015. Another offering from Mr. Lin from Taipei. The tea itself is grown in the mountains of Hubei Province, China. It is a blend of four cultivars: Qilan, Qingxing, Tie Guanyin, and Jin Xuan. Instead of cancelling out the nuances of each cultivar, the blend brings out the best notes of each one making for a very flavorful brew. This tea is aged from Spring 2013 and roasted each year to preserve freshness. We call it a “fully oxidized oolong” referring to the fact that it is technically a hong cha but it is processed like an oolong and has a flavor more like a dark oolong than a black tea. If you like aged oolongs, you will love this tea!

Tasting notes: buttered toast, molasses, cherry wood, blackberry

 Brewing Guidelines:

Gaiwan/Yixing: fill vessel 1/3 full of dry tea leaf. Use 190° spring water, rinse the leaves for 3 seconds, discard. 1st and 2ndinfusions: 20 seconds. Add 15 seconds to each additional infusion.

Teapot/mug: use 1 tablespoon of leaf per 8oz of 190° water. Rinse leaves for 3 seconds and discard. Steep for 2 minutes. Add 1 minute to each additional infusion.