Big Red Robe <br> (Da Hong Pao)
Big Red Robe <br> (Da Hong Pao)

Big Red Robe
(Da Hong Pao)

$ 17.00

A famous type of roasted & heavily oxidized oolong from the beautiful Wuyi Mountains. Teas here are often referred to as Yancha or rock tea for the unique rocky & mineral-rich soil from which they grow. We weren't necessarily looking for a Da Hong Pao when we visited Wuyi in the Spring of 2019, but this one spoke to us. Grown at 800 meters by the Jiang family – 3rd generation tea famers.

Tasting notes: vanilla, charred white oak, umami, peach

Brewing Guidelines: Gaiwan/Yixing fill vessel 1/3 full of dry tea leaf. Use 190° spring water, rinse leaves. 1st and 2ndinfusions: 20 seconds. +10sec for each additional. Teapot/mug 1 tablespoon of leaf per 8oz of 190° water. Rinse leaves. Steep for 2 minutes. Add 1 minute to each additional infusion.