Yabukita First Flush Sencha

Yabukita First Flush Sencha

$ 22.00

Yabukita is a varietal native to the Shizuoka prefecture discovered and developed in the early 1900’s; ours hails from less than two miles from where the first plant was cultivated. It has since become the most popular varietal in Japan, prized for its high yield, elegant aroma and superior taste. This first flush asamushi (lightly steamed) sencha is bursting with a delightful mix of savory umami and a vegetal sweetness that comes from the stems, which are not removed from this particular style. Enjoy this expert offering from one of Japan’s first organic tea pioneers.

Tasting notes: savory umami, spring time sweet grass, hazelnut, kale.

Brewing Guidelines
Kyusu (traditional Japanese side-handled teapot): 1 gram of leaf per oz of water. 150° water. 1st infusion 1 minute. 2nd infusion 30 seconds. 3rd infusion 1 minute. 

Teapot/mug: 1 tablespoon of dry leaf per 8oz of water. 160° water. 1st infusion 1½ minutes. 2nd infusion 30 seconds. 3rd infusion 1 minute.
*It is important not to agitate the leaves while they are steeping, this will cause bitterness. It is also preferable to pour the tea slowly from the tea pot into the tea cups.