White Peony Cake

White Peony Cake

$ 19.00

This 250 gm. (over ½ lb.) tea cake is a beautiful mosaic of green, white and dark tea leaves; you might not want to break into this cake as it is as wonderful to look at as to drink. Fragrant even in dry form with an aroma that fills the room when brewed. This Snow Peony has more flavor than white teas normally do, with a deep, gold infusion. Darker and more bold than a Downy Sprout, but sweeter and more buttery than normal Bai Mudan. We added this to our collection due to it’s lasting, amazing flavor and all around beauty. Grounded yet ethereal, none of that “foo-foo-spa-tea”. This is what white tea should taste like. Goes strong for many infusions.

Tasting notes: buttery sweet grass, honeysuckle, slight nuttiness, warm apricot.

Brewing Guidelines 
Gaiwan/Yixing: fill 1/4 full with dry leaf. 160°-170° water. Steep for 20 seconds for the first 3 infusions. Add an additional 20 seconds for each additional infusion. 

Teapot/mug: 1 tablespoon of dry leaf per 8oz of water. 170° water. 1st and 2nd infusion steep for 3 minutes. 5 minutes for each additional infusion.